Embassies Being Evacuated in Afghanistan #BidenEffect

The embassies are evacuating staff in Kabul, Afghanistan as the Taliban continues to retake control over every part of the country.

The Taliban is expected to take Kabul in less than 90 days.

NK News reported:

An exodus of diplomats and expats from North Korea has forced the Indian Embassy in Pyongyang to close indefinitely, an informed source told NK News on Monday, further curtailing international diplomatic activity inside the country.

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The last three people affiliated with the Indian Embassy left North Korea on Friday via China, along with some 30 others from Bulgaria, Egypt (working for Koryolink), Indonesia, Mongolia, Palestine, Syria, Russia and Vietnam, the source said.

India’s ambassador to the DPRK departed North Korea on July 2 with a large group of Russian nationals by rail. The departure on Friday also led to the temporary closure of the Bulgarian and Indonesian embassies due to a lack of personnel.

As of Monday, the only countries with an ongoing presence in Pyongyang are China, Cuba, Egypt, Laos, Mongolia, Palestine, Romania, Russia, Syria and Vietnam.

Foreign diplomatic staff and aid workers have left North Korea in droves since the country implemented strict COVID-19 pandemic controls in Jan. 2020. A near-total border lockdown has made it impossible for embassies to replenish their staff once they leave.

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