Joe Biden Says the Quiet Part Out Loud When Asked About Nationwide Workforce Shortages (VIDEO)

Joe Biden said the quiet part out loud on Thursday while taking questions from reporters after he delivered remarks on the infrastructure deal.

Small businesses are having trouble finding workers because Joe Biden and the Democrats are paying people more money to stay home and do nothing.

Biden has denied that unemployment benefits have caused a workforce shortage.

But on Thursday Joe’s dementia kicked in and he accidentally said the quiet part out loud – in a creepy whisper.

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This is after Biden already answered another question in a creepy whisper!

Paying people to stay home is causing small businesses to suffer AND it is putting pressure on them to pay people more money.

Instead of forcing a minimum wage increase, Joe Biden told small businesses to compete with the federal government and “pay them more.”

This is why Biden’s handlers don’t like it when he goes off script.


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