Iran Releases Name Behind Nantanz Nuclear Facility Attack that Left the Facility Severely Damaged

The Iranian regime released information on the suspect they say sabotaged the Natanz nuclear facility.

The man, Reza Karimi reportedly fled the country.

He better shy away from the US.
There is no telling what the Obama-Biden regime will do to him but they would likely turn him over to the mullahs.

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Newsmax reported:

Iran named a suspect Saturday in the attack on its Natanz nuclear facility that damaged centrifuges there, saying he had fled the country “hours before” the sabotage happened.

While the extent of the damage from the April 11 sabotage remains unclear, it comes as Iran tries to negotiate with world powers over allowing the U.S. to re-enter its tattered nuclear deal and lift the economic sanctions it faces.

Already, Iran has begun enriching uranium up to 60% purity in response — three times higher than ever before, though in small quantities. The sabotage and Iran’s response to it also have further inflamed tensions across the Mideast, where a shadow war between Tehran and Israel, the prime suspect in the sabotage, still rages.

State television named the suspect as 43-year-old Reza Karimi. It showed a passport-style photograph of a man it identified as Karimi, saying he was born in the nearby city of Kashan, Iran.

The report also aired what appeared to be an Interpol “red notice” seeking his arrest.

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