San Francisco Camera Crew Robbed at Gunpoint While Covering Auto Thefts at Twin Peaks (VIDEO)

KPIX reporter Don Ford was robbed of his camera Wednesday at gunpoint while filming a segment on auto break-ins around Twin Peaks.

The robbers drove up, got out of their car, pointed a Glock at the KPIX reporter and stole his camera.

CBS San Francisco reported:

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On Wednesday afternoon, the smash-and-grabs turned into armed robbery. KPIX 5 reporter Don Ford was on the story Tuesday and again on Wednesday, and was preparing to interview nearby homeowners when a white luxury sedan with four men inside pulled up.

“The car came up here while we were about to do an interview, three guys jumped out,” said Ford. “One had a gun and put in my face and said, ‘We’re taking the camera.’”

The whole encounter with a Glock in his face took less than a minute. “My whole thought at the moment was be calm. Let’s not get this guy excited. He’s got the gun. I don’t. So you take you the camera. It’s yours Buddy.”

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