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Have to say, I really like Gov. Kristi Noem’s no-nonsense approach to governance.

How nice it is to have a governor who doesn’t treat her constituents like they’re children to be ordered about by the government, but who remembers that she’s there to serve those constituents and stand for their freedom.

For that position, she was roundly attacked by the liberal media and accused of endangering her state during the pandemic, but stuck to her guns despite it all.

Noem was one of the speakers at CPAC and her speech was a real winner. The future looks bright for good Republican candidates. Here’s the whole speech:

But she was also on “Face the Nation” this morning where she was asked about something she said at the conference. Watch here as the ‘reporter’ miscasts what Noem says to Dr. Anthony Fauci to create drama, claiming Noem bragged about ignoring medical experts when that’s not what she said at all.

“Fauci is wrong a lot,” she said in the portion they play in the clip.

Noem is then later asked about Fauci’s criticism and she just lays him out with more reality.

“You indicated I ignored medical advice, I didn’t listen to my health experts and I most certainly did,” Noem said, flaming Fauci. “In South Dakota, we took this virus very seriously. What I did, though, was tell my people the truth. I gave them personal responsibility over decisions for their family’s public health, but also gave them the flexibility they needed to keep their businesses open, take care of their employees and their customers.” She said she thinks that take has helped get South Dakota through this “challenging time.”

So straightforward and so badass.

Not agreeing with Fauci doesn’t mean that she’s not listening to medical experts. He has been wrong a lot, as in what he told her about the numbers of predicted hospitalizations in her state. Despite the fact that he seems to want to be dispositive on every issue, it isn’t his responsibility to govern a state and to account for far more than simply the pandemic in terms of constituent concerns. That’s part of what has been lacking in many states’ approaches a failure to consider all the other important things, including the basic ability of people to have charge over their own lives.

Liberals want to stomp all over her response, meanwhile, they ignored New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo for a whole year until it was just too much to ignore anymore and all the deaths that came after his explicit orders to put positive virus patients in nursing homes with the most vulnerable.

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