Sloppy FBI Finally Updates Its Flyer on Suspected Bomber with the Correct Date after Three Weeks!

The FBI offered a reward of $50,000 — now $100,000 — for information on the individual who planted pipe bombs at the Republican and Democrat party headquarters in Washington DC on January 6th… At least that is what they claimed.

The FBI pointed out the shoes and purple backpack of the suspected bomber.

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The FBI still has no suspects in this terror plot.  Why is that?

After 20 days they have no suspects?

And as we reported on Friday, we have proof that the video of the suspect was taken on January 5th, not January 6th!

The FBI misled the American people once again!

The pipe bombs were planted the night before the January 6th protest, rally and riot.

But the FBI said this incident occurred on January 6th to move opinion in America against President Trump and his supporters.

Via Jack Posobiec.

On Saturday morning the FBI, after three weeks finally corrected their flyer.
The attempted bombing took place in the evening on January 5th.

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