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We enter the new year with the presidential election still undecided and with a good deal of uncertainty about the next few days.

Be of good cheer nevertheless!

We have a good example to follow. On New Year’s Eve a year ago, President Trump was facing impeachment, and yet he was cheerful as he celebrated with friends and family. Here’s what he said then:

“Happy New Year. We’re going to have a great year, I predict. I think it’s going to be a fantastic year.”

On that day there was trouble in Iraq, Iran and North Korea – when is that not true? – and still the president was upbeat. He also noted, quite presciently, given what’s happening in Washington right now:

“I do say two things: We have to check corruption, and we also have to find out why is it that the United States is always giving foreign countries money.”

I am hopeful about this New Year. Despite the howling of the media that the election is over, I know it isn’t. I explained in an article in Breitbart:

The Electoral College vote can be challenged under federal law and the United States Constitution. Republican electors in seven contested states cast alternate votes for Donald Trump to keep their legal options open. State legislatures retain their constitutional authority to offer alternative slates of electors. And Congress is the ultimate arbiter of the race since the ballot count can be contested during the joint session on January 6.

Something President Eisenhower once said reminds me of our current president: “Neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him.”

I suggest you contact your senators and congressmen to let them know what you think about this historic constitutional battle over the Electoral College. The Capitol Hill switchboard number is 202-225-3121.

At Judicial Watch we are firmly resolved that in this New Year we will continue to expose the two biggest scandals in U.S. history: the coup attempt by the Deep State to overthrow our president, and the massively fraudulent election that resulted when the coup failed. And we will continue to uncover the details of the Biden scandals that the media and Justice Department can’t be trusted to pursue. I hope you’ll make a special New Year’s contribution in support of our essential work ahead.

We are resolutely optimistic. And we wish for you and your family good health and prosperity in 2021.

Happy New Year and God Bless America!  

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