FARRELL: Times Have Changed For The Bidens

From Chris Farrell’s Op-Ed for The Daily Caller:

So the Hunter Biden story is now fair game? Imagine that.

In the past few days, mainstream media outlets have been awash with reports of federal investigations into the Biden family’s foreign ties and finances, including alleged money laundering, influence peddling, tax violations and other such corrupt misdeeds.

How times have changed. When stories broke about Hunter Biden’s high-paying, no-show job with Ukrainian energy giant Burisma, reporters fled from it. When Judicial Watch uncovered information about Hunter Biden taking five trips to China with his father on Air Force Two, which resulted in billion-dollar deals, reporters were unimpressed. When the New York Post ran an explosive series of reports on the scandalous material on the Hunter Biden laptop, the paper was banned from Twitter, other Big Tech sites censored the story and evidence-free reporting blamed the story on “Russian disinformation.” As Ari Fleischer commented: “The media is broken. Totally broken.” And we know that if it had been Donald Trump Jr.’s laptop being reported on, the Pulitzer Prizes would be ready to hand out.

The media’s motive is not hard to discern. Biden, who was running a lackluster non-campaign from his basement, had to be defended at all costs. A Rasmussen poll found that 52% of likely voters believe that the story was hushed up to help the former vice president, and among those who followed the story closely that number rises to 76%.

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