Ex-Con Hired by DC as ‘Violence Interrupter’ Charged With Murder

From Tom Fitton’s NewsMax article:

Your capital city, Washington D.C., is revealing the danger of the Left’s soft-on-crime agenda. It’s a city clamoring to defund the police while hiring – and even celebrating – a man arrested for murder. You will be appalled as you read our Corruption Chroniclesreport:

In a curious twist, a “reformed” criminal hired by the District of Columbia’s chief legal officer to help curb violence has been arrested and charged with murder. The case involves a taxpayer-funded public safety program known as Cure the Streets launched by D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine to reduce gun violence by treating it as a disease that can be interrupted and stopped from spreading.

Cure the Streets typically hires men and women with criminal histories as violence interrupters because they know first-hand about the challenges that residents of crime-infested communities live with. Racine, who was reelected to a second term in 2018, says the transformed criminals hired by his program perform community-driven public safety work that can avoid using police.

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