Stacey Abrams named to preside over Georgia electors meeting

The State of Georgia certified Joe Biden as its presidential election winner. Today the state’s Democrat Party electors met and Stacey Abrams was elected as the presiding officer of its meeting. The irony of that is not lost on those of us who remember that Stacey Abrams has still not conceded to Governor Kemp from her defeat in 2018. It’s all very 2020.

Abrams introduced the “Dean of the House”, Calvin Smyre to deliver an opening prayer for the meeting. He began first with some partisan remarks, recalling casting votes as an elector for Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton in past years. Bill Clinton was the last Democrat presidential candidate to win Georgia in 1992, before the prayer. As of 2020, he is the longest-serving member of the Georgia Legislature.

Georgia’s electors met in Atlanta to vote twice by paper ballot — first for president, then for vice president. Stacey Abrams is receiving a lot of credit for turning Georgia into a blue state in the presidential election. After losing to Governor Kemp in 2018, she founded Fair Fight, a grassroots nonprofit organization that promotes voter’s rights and participation. She calls the State of Georgia a part of national change. Abrams was turned into a celebrity by the left when she ran for governor and she harnessed that public admiration into grassroots activity.

She has turned her attention to the run-off races for the U.S. Senate in Georgia.

She told “CBS This Morning” on Monday that early voting shows an upward trend for the Democratic challengers.

“This is a state that is almost evenly divided. The presidential election was decided by fewer than 12,000 votes. But what’s at stake isn’t divisive, what’s at stake is relief for our communities. ,” she said.

Abrams said that 1.2 million Georgians have requested absentee ballots. Of that 1.2 million, she said 85,000 of those applications for mail-in ballots come from voters who didn’t cast ballots in November.

“They are disproportionately voters between the ages of 18 and 29 and disproportionately people of color.”

Despite continued cries of voter suppression and victimization around voting in Georgia by the likes of Abrams and her organization, a record number of Georgians voted in the November election – over 5 million people. The presidential election was decided by only 12,000 votes. It is anticipated that the run-off races will also be very close. Conservative radio host and Georgia resident Erick Erickson spoke about the run-off races today, the first day of in-person early voting in Georgia. He thinks that early signs point to a strong showing from Republicans and Independents coming out to vote to save the Senate.

About the irony that Abrams has not conceded the 2018 election – Democrats like to balk at the fact that President Trump has not conceded the November election to Joe Biden. Abrams told a whopper during her interview with CBS This Morning on Monday. She didn’t contest that election for herself, you know. It was for the voters.

In 2018, Abrams ran for governor in Georgia against Republican Brian Kemp. She lost by 55,000 votes and never conceded the race. Some Republicans have likened her refusal to concede to President Trump’s refusal to concede — a comparison Abrams rejected.

“I never contested the election to make myself the governor,” she said. “I contested the election to make certain every vote was counted and every voter was heard.”

Yeah, right. Democrats now critical of Trump, calling him a sore loser, supported Abrams in 2018 and certainly have not insisted she concede since then. So far she isn’t saying if she’ll run again for governor. My money is on a future presidential run.

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