Miners Missing After Roof Collapse At Louisiana Salt Mine

Rescuers are searching for two miners after the roof collapse of a salt mine on Avery Island, Louisiana, according to local news network KLFY

Cargill Protein and Animal Health operate the salt mine. Cargill Media Relations Director Daniel Sullivan issued a statement that read 16 miners were evacuated from the mine without injury following the incident and efforts were underway to find the two missing miners.

Early this morning, Cargill’s Avery Island salt mine experienced a roof collapse. We have two employees who remain unaccounted for at this time and we are working with local first responders and the Mine Safety and Health Administration who are onsite to respond to this emergency. All 16 other employees working that shift have been evacuated with no injuries reported. The facility has been shut down to allow a complete investigation of the incident and ensure the safe operations of our facility.

The mine has been shut down while the search continues on Monday. 

Earlier today, KATC’s Eman Boyd reported live from the Avery Island mine.

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