Ambassador Ric Grenell Becomes Fellow At University, Gets Death Threats From Students (VIDEO)

Richard Grennell is a diplomat who served in the Trump administration. He made history as the first openly gay man to serve in a cabinet position.

He was recently given a fellowship position at Carnegie Mellon University, but because our higher education system has become rabidly leftist, things have not gone well.

Some students have tried to get him removed from his position and he has even received death threats.

Newsmax reports:

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Ric Grenell to Newsmax TV: CMU Students, Faculty Tried to ‘Cancel Me’

Ambassador Ric Grenell, upon becoming a senior fellow at the Institute for Politics and Strategy at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, said Saturday on Newsmax TV that the invitation was met with protests from students and faculty members who wanted to “try to cancel me” and even death threats from two students.

“They had an attempt to try to cancel me from some students and shockingly from some faculty and staff who don’t want to have an alternative voice,” Grenell said on Newsmax TV’s “America Right Now.”

Grenell, who served as President Donald Trump’s acting director of national intelligence and as an ambassador to Germany, was targeted through social media by the two female students one of whom suggested killing him and the other offering her help, reports The Washington Examiner. Both tweets have been taken down, and campus and local police said the women did not have any weapons.

Grenell told Newsmax TV the threats came after “phony information, fake information, and gossip information” was pushed by people “pretending that I’m some sort of right-winger that supports white supremacy.”

Watch the video below:

And the left wants to make college free.

Why should taxpayers fund free college when half of the country wouldn’t be welcome on a college campus?

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