Court Expedites Sidney Powell’s Case: Will GA Voting Machines Be Audited Before Data Erased?

From CBN News:

If you only follow the establishment media, you’ll only see stories about how almost every case filed by President Trump’s legal team has been rejected by the courts. But the legal battle they’re fighting is destined to go through the appeals process no matter what. Now, one prominent lawyer has won an appeal to have her case heard quickly.

Attorney Sidney Powell, a former member of President Trump’s legal team, wants to double-check voting machines in the state of Georgia.

Powell has just succeeded in her efforts to get a federal appeals court in Atlanta to grant an expedited review of her request for a temporary restraining order that would make Georgia election officials conduct a forensic audit of the Peach State’s voting machines.

Powell believes Dominion Voting Systems machines are at the heart of an election fraud conspiracy that she says is connected to foreign regimes.

Bloomberg News reports a lower court judge refused her request, so Powell filed a new request on Wednesday on behalf of several Trump voters.  In her written request, she said, “the stakes could not be higher” because “massive election fraud has occurred throughout the (state of) Georgia in this past November in the context of voting machines using Dominion software.” reports some counties in Georgia were on the verge of wiping the Dominion machines, which could erase evidence of wrongdoing, so that’s one reason Powell filed for an expedited hearing.

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