Los Angeles Pub Owner’s Cry for Help Goes Viral

A viral video highlighting the hypocrisy of Los Angeles lockdown restrictions has struck an emotional nerve with the public.

Angela Marsden, owner of The Pineapple Hill Saloon, was shocked to discover the city permitted a catering company to set up catering tents for an entertainment shoot the day after Los Angeles City and County forced her to close her outdoor dining area a mere 90 feet away.

This was heartbreaking.

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Later Watch Our City interviewed Angela about the lockdown, her business and the local government that chose to ruin her business while they allow others to prosper.

In the video Angela tells Watch Our City about her dire situation and the disastrous policies by local politicians who have devastated small businesses in Los Angeles.

LA officials even added another dollar per hour to minimum wage during a pandemic.

This is an amazing video. What a horrific story!

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