Trump Supporters Rip Into Fox News Reporter Griff Jenkins…”Traitors!”…”We trusted you!” [VIDEO]

President Trump is holding a rally tonight in Valdosta, Georgia, where many supporters have gathered. People even camped overnight to be close to the president. Busloads of supporters were seen arriving this morning too.

100 Percent Fed Up – It’s usually CNN that gets yelled at for being fake news, but today was a different story at this Trump rally. Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins was yelled at by Trump supporters. People yelled “traitor” and “we trusted you” at the lone Fox News reporter standing behind a taped barrier.

Americans are FED UP with fake news and biased, lying media. The election exposed Fox News for being anti-Trump, so now they are getting an earful from conservatives. Ratings at Fox News have crashed since the election because Americans want truth in the media.

Fox News is fake news!

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