Lin Wood Drops a Bomb On Georgia’s Gabriel Sterling

Lin Wood went off on Georgia ‘Communist’ Gabriel Sterling this morning.

In his first tweet Mr. Wood shared a happy good morning to all patriots… then he called Georgia’s Gabriel Sterling a Communist:

TRENDING: TRUMP CAMPAIGN Files Lawsuit to Overturn Fraudulent Election in Georgia

Next Mr. Wood shared on Sterling’s email address:

Then he shared two tweets on how Sterling is using a gmail account, just like Hillary and has pushed for mail-in ballots so he can manipulate numbers in the Dominion system:

Why does Sterling not have a government email?  (hint – Hillary didn’t either.)

Why does Sterling not see the fraud we all see?

Sterling berates President Trump in a set up for his fellow communists who will riot when President Trump is declared the winner:

Sterling and the Secretary of State are guilty of aiding and abetting foreign interference in our national election:

Simple truth is he who has nothing to hide doesn’t holler when confronted with the truth:

Things aren’t looking so good for old Gabe right now.

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