New Fundraising Effort Launched to Defend Kyle Rittenhouse, Defamation Cases Being Prepared

After spending $2 million to bail Kyle Rittenhouse out of his pretrial detention, a new fundraising effort has been launched to make sure that his legal team will be able to provide the best defense possible.

There are also civil defamation lawsuits being prepared on the teenager’s behalf.

Los Angeles civil lawyer John M. Pierce, who has been the face of Rittenhouse’s defense team, will be taking over fundraising and preparing “defamation and other civil claims” that will be filed as soon as the teenager is acquitted.

“Now that we have successfully extracted Kyle from his wrongful detention pending trial on these baseless and politically-motivated charges, we must turn our attention immediately to raising additional substantial funds to ensure Kyle has the resources to win at trial. To that end, today we launched Kyle’s official fundraising website This is the only fundraising effort approved by Kyle and his family. All donated funds netted after any administrative and transaction costs will be (i) held in a trust account for the benefit of Kyle (ii) disbursed only with the approval of Kyle’s mother Wendy Rittenhouse and (iii) used solely for Kyle’s defense fees and other defense-related costs and expenses such as experts and investigators,” lawyer John Pierce said in a statement provided to Gateway Pundit. “We urge all who believe in the God-given and Constitutional right of self-defense of any political persuasion to support Kyle in his fight to vindicate this foundational sacred liberty.”

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The website is expected to go live over the weekend.

“Now that we successfully assembled an extraordinarily capable criminal defense team in Wisconsin, Pierce Bainbridge is turning its attention to the massive tasks of preparing Kyle’s defamation and other civil claims to be filed upon his acquittal as well as orchestrating the new fundraising effort,” the statement continued. “We will all be coordinating and working side by side with Wisconsin counsel to ensure Kyle is acquitted and all of his legal rights are ultimately vindicated.”

On Thursday it was reported that Pierce had stepped down from the case, but he maintains that isn’t true, and his role is just shifting.

“The 82nd Airborne couldn’t drag me away from Kyle’s side,” Pierce told TGP. “I am taking over all the civil matters and orchestrating the new fundraising effort.”

Pierce appeared on Newsmax on Friday morning alongside Rittenhouse’s mother Wendy. The duo discussed their plans moving forward.

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