The Great Suppression | Judicial Watch

“Like in any oppressive system, you have to be careful about what you say and how you say it,” Tom Fitton remarked. 

Today’s social media censorship is an era of “great suppression,” Fitton stated in the Weekly Update. With social media platforms allegedly cracking down on conservative pages across the network, Fitton and Judicial Watch have been prime targets. “It’s unfortunate that I can’t say what I really believe in on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube,” Fitton remarked. “Maybe we’ll have to leave Twitter and Facebook, and Youtube. They’re destroying their business models to appease the totalitarian left.” Fitton continued in stating:

“Is congress going to the change the law to protect the rights of Americans in this regard, or make it clear that the fraud that they’re [social media giants] are engaged in [content moderation] doesn’t protect them from being held to account for it?”

While a number of conservative members of Congress have sought to reform the laws surrounding censorship on social media platforms, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter have continued to censor Judicial Watch and its President, Tom Fitton. “Maybe we’ll sue, I don’t know,” Fitton explained. “Get a court to come in and say you’re lying to your customers, you’re lying to consumers when you say these terms of service are being fairly implemented and aren’t being changed on the whim depending on who you are, and your politics.” 

When it comes to social media, “they [the Left] hate that we don’t rely on them to continue our operations,” Fitton remarked. “I love that we rely on you to continue our operations. Because of that, we are the most effective government watchdog group not only in the country, but in the world.” As Fitton concluded, It’s thanks to the generous donations of Judicial Watch’s supporters, that the organization is able to challenge, and beat government corruption. Challenge the social media giants, and support Judicial Watch today!


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