Feeling Anxious About Your Future? 3 Sources You Can Turn to for Advice and Guidance

Thinking about the future doesn’t have to be a stress-inducing process. No, it can be a wonderful thought exercise that actually leaves you feeling optimistic, and restless with anticipation for how the days will unfold. Of course, for many of us the inherent uncertainty of the future, can breed nervous apprehension, and even send the heart racing. Enough is enough though. With all these amazing resources available at your fingertips, there’s no reason you can’t completely alter your relationship with “future tripping” for the better. Let’s take a look at three sources you can turn to for guidance and advice when those nerves start acting up.

1. Delve into the mystical world of numerology.

Just because the future brings to mind a vast feeling of uncertainty, doesn’t also mean that we don’t have helpful tools at our disposal, for navigating this wild universe. In fact, one such resource that can come in handy is finding your life path number. Calculating your life path number is a wonderfully simple process that only takes a couple minutes.

There are two different ways you can calculate your specific life path number. You can either add up the numbers from your birthday, one-by-one. So, if your birthday was on 06/25/2007, this is how you’d do it: 6+2+5+7, which equals 22 (your master number). This number can then be broken down into 4, depending upon which numerologist you end up talking to. The single digit number that you end up with is supposed to help reveal the best energetic direction for your soul to take at this moment in time.

By figuring out your life path number, you’re able to continue onward down your life path with a newfound sense of clarity. It’s like the most efficient way to go with the flow. There’s a whole lot about this universe that we’ll never fully understand. Sometimes we can end up robbing ourselves of perfectly beneficial spiritual practices, or something from within the realm of numerology, because we were educated at some point in our youth to believe that everything is based on science. To accept the possibility that you don’t understand much of anythin, is to allow for your mind’s floodgates to open up, and to let in a tidal wave of creativity, peace, and optimism. For all you know, the path that you never imagined, but could end up being the most rewarding, begins with calculating your life path number.

2. Find a therapist who works for you.

Sometimes, you need the extra help from a trained professional that’s already dedicated a large chunk of their life toward cultivating the necessary skillset needed to untangle the rat’s nest that is your mind. There’s a whole lot going on in there, and it can be exhaustive, detrimental even, to try and go about figuring out what plagues you, on your own.

Therapists are there to help in the process. That master’s degree and all the coursework that they put into becoming a licensed therapist wasn’t for nothing. You might find yourself feeling hopeless and helpless, caught up in a terrible, draining cycle of waking up each morning, only to find your mind is already racing around the bedroom, fueled by a crippling sense of cynical paranoia. Seriously, now more than ever, we’re all being tested to keep a positive outlook on a future that seems more uncertain, and vulnerable to devastating events popping up out of nowhere. Yeah, we’re looking at you, Coronavirus.

If you’re looking for a counselor or therapist who can provide excellent patient care and guidance, reach out to the Therapy Group of NYC. You’ll have the chance to work with a therapist that takes a data-driven approach to not just “fixing you”, but providing you the necessary information to achieve personal growth that’ll exceed your wildest expectations. Plus, they’ll offer telehealth appointments that’ll allow for you to get the help you need, without having to leave the warm and cozy confines of your quarantine cave. Before you know it, your social anxiety might be nothing more than a fading memory.

Ultimately, you can’t put a price on maintaining your wellness. Take that step in the right direction, and find the group therapy or individual therapy that will help nurture the dwindling passion that once burned bright within the depths of your soul.

3. Revamp your career with an online education program.

We can all fall into a rut. You know, when you feel like you’ve hit a place in your career where things about the job that once brought you excitement, have devolved into a bit of a mindless, automated process. By no means does this reflect negatively on you or anyone else. Our minds are beautiful machines, capable of incredible feats of mastery in staggeringly short spans of time. Sometimes, those career obstacles that we once thought would haunt us till the end of our days end up being more easily surmountable than we ever could’ve imagined. Then, you’re just kind of caught up in a bland cycle of lazily ambling after paychecks, and the world gradually begins to lose its color.

All this time holed up in our homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic has given us an unprecedented amount of time to really think about what we want our futures to look like. If you’re a nurse, or even a clinical nurse leader, who’s caught up in that bland cycle, in desperate need of a career revamp, check out an MSN online program.

From the comfort of your home you’ll be able to participate in a fulfilling, rigorous series of online courses from Wilkes University. The U.S. News and World Report has ranked Wilkes University amongst the top universities for 16 years and counting. You can easily schedule an online appointment through their website to chat with a counselor about whether or not Wilkes University could be the best move for you. At the very least, it could be fun to see what’s necessary to make that daydream a reality. We all have a tendency to never pursue those daydreams. Put a stop to that and really use this era of COVID-19 to challenge prior limitations you’ve set for yourself.

This is a historically challenging time. The inherent value in making a practice out of keeping things present, while maintaining a healthy relationship with future plans, has never been more crucial. Everyone’s mental health is being tested like never before. Many folks have had to adapt to a world that restricts people seeing each other in physical spaces. This can prove tough for anyone with a mental illness. But, just because it’s tough doesn’t mean that we don’t have the powerful tools available at our disposal to overcome the obstacles. Not only do we have helpful resources like the ones we’ve touched on in this article, but we have just the kinds of people in this wild world that are training every day to help make this whole existence thing feel like a true gift, every day.

It could be the full-time students in the world of computer science, learning how to create the kinds of health apps and websites that make it that much easier for people suffering under the weight of mental illnesses the care they need. Or, it could be the full-time students in the nursing programs, grinding through a graduate program that make your head spin Who knows? Now is as good a time as any to keep things positive and rest assured that there’s always going to be someone out there working on making that future a brighter one for the rest of us.

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