FARRELL: The Republic Isn’t Sunk Yet

From The Daily Caller:

One takeaway from the rhetoric surrounding the ongoing election dispute is that Republicans should fear for their safety in a prospective Biden America. Despite the former vice president’s calls for post-election unity, many on the political left are simply out for revenge.

Over the past four years liberals have turned normal policy debates into cancel culture vendettas. They believe that those who disagree with their political prescriptions are either venal or stupid, or more likely both. They charge without evidence that anyone who voted for Donald Trump is ipso facto racist, sexist, homophobic, other “isms” or “phobias” – and whatever other biases they have handy.

The expression “reeducation camps” started trending on Twitter recently after California DNC member David Atkins mused about how to “deprogram” 75 million Trump supporters, which he described as “a conspiracy theory fueled belligerent death cult against reality & basic decency.” Basic decency, really? New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz chimed in with his solution, noting that “Republicanism is a social problem” that must be “isolated and snuffed out” like coronavirus. That seems a lot more like belligerent death-cult language, but it is common parlance in liberal circles. Stalin would be proud.

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