Edison May Cut Off Power to Southern California Homes on Thanksgiving to ‘Prevent Fires’

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) restricted Californians from gathering for Thanksgiving and now a utility company is threatening to cut off power as a preventative measure against dry conditions and high winds.

Edison International may cut off power to Southern California homes and businesses on Thanksgiving to ‘prevent fires.’

Strong winds are in the forecast for Thursday and Friday and the utility company may resort to preemptively cutting power to prevent electrical lines from starting fires.

Bloomberg reported:

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Edison International could cut power to some Southern California homes and businesses on Thanksgiving as strong winds are forecast to return to the rain-deprived region.

The utility owner hasn’t determined how many customers could be affected by the outages, intended to prevent power lines from sparking wildfires during the gusts. Power would likely be out until Friday evening, Southern California Edison spokeswoman Taelor Bakewell said. The state’s utilities have resorted to preemptively cutting power after electrical lines touched off a series of deadly blazes in recent years.

Last fall more than 1.5 million Californians were without power after Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) cut off electricity to even more residents in order to ‘prevent dangerous wildfires.’

Rotting fish, spotty internet and closed businesses marked day 3 of last year’s deliberate power outages in Gavin Newsom’s Socialist utopia of California.

The Socialist utopia of California: Where homelessness, used needles in the streets and deliberate power outages that resembles something out of India in the 1970’s or current day Venezuela and North Korea are the new norm.

But fear not because Gavin Newsom is working hard for the people of California and just signed a law banning tiny plastic shampoo bottles in hotels.

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