BOOM! Sidney Powell – President Trump Already Released the Kraken


Sidney Powell is on fire!

Of course, we knew it was impossible that terrible and corrupt candidate Joe Biden who literally campaigned from his basement could beat the most popular fighter for the American people in history!

Powell was on Newsmax TV last night with Howie Carr as we reported earlier where she reported that President Trump had at least 7 million more votes in the 2020 election and Biden at least 10 million less:

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Then Powell announced that President Trump is relaxed because he already ‘Released the Kraken.’

She warned the Deep State:

And it involves Obama!

Here’s more from Sidney on the Howie Carr Show:

We have a lot of extremely solid cases… it’s terrifying… will file simultaneously… federal court lawsuits… roughly 7 million (votes removed from President Trump) … every means and measure of fraud … probably at least 10 million (Biden fraudulent votes)…

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