Alex Jones Leading Crowd of Trump Supporters Storming Georgia State Capitol (VIDEO)

Alex Jones is currently leading a group of Trump supporters who have stormed the Georgia State Capitol to “Stop the Steal.”

Jones spoke outside prior to entering the building with Republican operative Ali Alexander and America First host Nick Fuentes.

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“We’ve got to do whatever it takes. If we lose this, we’ve lost the Republic,” Alexander told the crowd inside the Capitol.


As Gateway Pundit previously reported, attorney Lin Wood said he has irrefutable evidence that Georgia local election officials were instructed by the state to report original vote totals and NOT report recount totals which are different.

So far three Georgia counties have found ‘missing’ votes for President Trump in the statewide recount.

Lin Wood said he filed an emergency injunction Tuesday night against Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

“Relief sought includes an order prohibiting certification which includes defective absentee ballots and requiring that a hand recount be performed,” Lin Wood said in a tweet Wednesday morning.

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