Since Election Day Over 100 of 243 Dominion Employees on LinkedIn Have Deleted Their Profiles

Image by Sovereign Insurgent

Since a couple days after November 3rd, Election Day in the US, more than 100 of 243 Dominion Employees have deleted their profiles on LinkedIn.

This is not a good sign for a company.  Over 40% of Dominion’s employees with profiles on LinkedIn on Election Day in the US have eliminated their profiles from the social media giant. Rosie Memos @almostjingo reported this yesterday:

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On November 6th, a couple days after Election Day, there were 243 employees on LinkedIn.  Yesterday there were only 140 profiles remaining:

Here is a list of some of those profiles before they were taken down:

Also of note was that all their software engineers were located in Serbia.  This is the company that managed the vote counting process and reported vote tallies in the 2020 US election.

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