UPDATE: Trump Greets His Supporters – Million Maga March in DC Today!

Trump supporters are reportedly planning to gather in Washington, D.C., on Saturday for a “Million MAGA March” and a “Stop the Steal” rally to show support for President Trump as his campaign spearheads lawsuits in several key battleground states alleging voter fraud connected to mail-in ballots.

Though tweets suggested caravans of Trump supporters would drive from around the country into the nation’s capital to attend the march, it was unclear how many were expected. Some social media users went a step further to criticize Bowser for implementing new COVID-19 restrictions last week meant to discourage interstate travel.
–This is an excerpt from Fox News.

The president thanked his supporters for their loyalty.

ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter and other local anti-Trump groups are expected to be present to oppose any show of support for President Trump.

It’s not just DC:

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