In 2019 Democrat Senators Warren, Klobuchar and Wyden Issued a Complaint Against Dominion Voting Systems

The actions of Dominion Voting are all over conservative news outlets right now.  But not long ago Dominion was the subject of Democrat Senators Warren, Klobuchar and Wyden.

In 2019 Senators Warren, Klobuchar and Wyden were upset about Dominion voting.  They were so upset that they sent them a letter.


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In there letter to Dominion the Senators expressed their concerns with the company, stating:

“if you do not manage the vendors, they will manage you.”

We have documented many concerns with Dominion over the past week.

Dominion Voting Machines Are At the Center Of Material Data Manipulation Concerns in the 2020 Election – Here’s Some Reasons Why

Some Democrats suspected shady operations by Dominion in 2019.  We are all realizing why right now.

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