Biden Agenda Faces GOP Legal Attacks and Skeptical Trump Judges

From Bloomberg News:

President-elect Joe Biden is likely to meet a flurry of legal challenges to his agenda — and a federal bench freshly stocked with conservative judges.

Republican state attorneys general, industry groups and conservative activists will sue if they don’t like Biden’s initiatives, as they did during the Obama administration and as Democrats have under President Donald Trump. And the new judges hearing those cases could put up some formidable obstacles to the Democratic agenda.

“You could really have serious restrictions,” said John Culhane, who teaches constitutional law at Widener University’s Delaware Law School. “It may be very frustrating and very difficult for any kind of progressive measures to pass.”

Biden will focus immediately on the pandemic, immigration and climate change. He has promised to act on racial justice, housing, labor, gun control, LGBTQ rights and government reform, and to bolster Obamacare. But Republicans may well hold the Senate, hemming the new president in. A potentially hostile judiciary adds to the constraints.

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