Did Dirty Voting Rolls Influence The Election?

“In PA there are more people voting than are registered to vote. How does that reassure you that the election was conducted in an appropriate way ?” – Tom Fitton stated in last Friday’s Weekly Update.

A week after election day, there is still no official source recognizing the winner of the 2020 presidential elections.  While the media has announced Joe Biden to be the president-elect, many Americans are frustrated with what Fitton has described as an “electoral coup” in a number of states. “Are the state legislatures in Wisconsin,  Pennsylvania and Georgia going to endorse what happened this week? “

With many states reporting voter registration rates above 100% according to a recent Judicial Watch study, Fitton argues that Americans may have a reason to feel uncertain about the election results. Furthermore, as Fitton explained, “our investigations found that states and counties were giving different information to the courts about how many people are on the rolls.”  As you may recall, a number of Pennsylvania counties gave incorrect voter roll information to the Federal Government this summer. In Clark County, Nevada, a county which proved decisive for Biden’s victory in the state, the registration rate is 102% – it has “154k extra names on the rolls,” Fitton stated. “Does that reassure you that the election was fair and honest in Nevada?”

“If you don’t like what’s going on, you need to be communicating every day with your state legislature. Call your state legislators especially, because they have the duty to appoint electors.”

Call your state legislators today and tell them how you feel about the situation at hand. The electors they appoint will provide the decisive vote in Congress this December. Lastly, “if you have information about voter fraud… contact your local officials and contact Judicial Watch about it at [email protected].” America deserves free and fair elections – make a difference today by donating to Judicial Watch.

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