Republicans: Report to Battle Stations

After Donald Trump Jr. called out Republicans for not doing enough in defense of his father’s obvious presidential victory, Senator Lindsey Graham donated half a million dollars to President Trump’s legal defense fund. It is a gesture of solidarity that should be duplicated and amplified upon by House and Senate Republicans if the GOP wishes to retain the support of untold millions of Trump supporters who believe they have been blatantly robbed.

That old argument about Republicans and conservatives having “nowhere else to go” is as empty now as Joe Biden’s promise to represent all Americans, including the ones he called “chumps” at pre-election drive-thru rallies. The statement rings hollow because if close elections (is there any other kind?) can be calculatedly stolen by the Left, it doesn’t matter where anybody “goes.” There is nowhere to go.

And there are 70+ million MAGA voters closely watching how the party that Trump saved from Hillary Clinton and steep decline handles post-election evidence of large-scale swing-state fraud that becomes more demonstrable with each passing hour.

It’s even possible to question whether the Democrats have so transparently cheated that they’ve botched the theft. Disregard arguments that demand immediate evidence that Trump needs to show right now, yesterday. Legal countermeasures against the myriad ways the Dems have ripped-off a winning majority of the electorate are going to take time, and will require strategery. If you’ve got the goods, you don’t prematurely let the enemy know exactly how you’re going to repel an attack. Rest assured, now that the preliminary allegations have been made public, that the evidentiary case against Democrat thievery, helmed by patriots like Jay Sekulow, will be thoroughly and exhaustively built.

Back to the GOP. Here’s an interesting exchange between this contributor and a commenter in the comment section of a November 6 Tyler O’Neil newsbreak about how Decision Desk had called Pennsylvania and the race for Biden.

My comment:

I’m not overly optimistic about the legal avenues, but if Republicans in the House and Senate don’t strongly align with Trump and aggressively fight this rip-off all the way to the Supreme Court, they will have aided and abetted the Democrats in the act of ensuring that no Republican ever wins the White House again. Coupled with the Dem rip-off, any appearance of acceptance and/or unwillingness to fight against this blatant electoral theft will alienate however many millions of Republicans, and cost the party large numbers of the base that Trump has grown for them. All the way to SCOTUS.

The commenter’s (whose handle is not important) response:

 They are going to throw him under the bus. They hated Trump before he won and hate him more now. And now they have no reason to pretend they support him.

 If this commenter has articulated a certifiable truth, the path ahead for the Republican Party looks grim. Again, without trustworthy elections, and the fortitude to go to the mat to preserve them, it doesn’t really matter where anybody goes. The Marxist Democratic Socialists will run the table every time, and thereafter, the show.

Another concept thrown out with the “partisanship” bathwater decades ago has come into stark relief again: the idea that it is an American virtue to support a new president even if you did not vote for him (or her?). No. If there was even the slightest scintilla of a chance for that in 2020, it went into the conceptual anti-Trump trash bags and roadside ditches living in the heads of apparatchiks in the big-city counting houses. Going forward, the repulsive Democrat mantra “not my president” over Trump’s first term will be adopted by the aforementioned 70 million, and applied remorselessly to Harris/Biden. The ideal of bipartisanship floats like a dead horse in a sea of illegal ballots.

Which leads to a big shoe that needs to drop should the Dems somehow prevail with the Big Cheat. Assuming GOP retention of the Senate, and with the additional House seats pickup, every imaginable full stop mechanism should be deployed against the Left. Every part of their stated agenda must face withering resistance. The same level of noncooperation, suspicion, and adverse propaganda that Mr. Trump was subjected to must be rolled out big league against the conniving handlers of Joe Biden and the Democrats between 2020-2022.

As one witty PJ commenter said, “Biden hasn’t done anything in 47 years, why should his presidency be any different?” Republicans must aggressively do their part to thwart any and all Harris/Biden attempts to transform the country.

In the vitriolic days leading up to Election Day, when Biden repeated the damnable lie about comments purportedly made by the president to the effect that men who fought and died fighting for our country were “suckers,” Trump responded, saying, “I’m glad he said that, because that means the gloves are off.”

The Democratic Party systematically degloved over the past four years, and went brass knuckles with the onset of COVID, a disease that would have meant a death sentence for countless more of our countrymen and women if Biden had been president. After he called Trump xenophobic about the Wuhan travel restrictions, Biden backed off, but young people of America take note: Biden will shut down your schools, your jobs, and your lives.

Now, with Justice Samuel Alito having stopped the disgraceful “count” in Pennsylvania, and Justice Amy Coney Barrett under the wire, the battle goes from electoral to legal. The Democrats weren’t the only ones with a pre-election master plan.

The overwhelming majority of Republicans who voted for what should by rights be a second term for Trump will be watching. Who’s in, and who will counsel that we bow down to boldface tyranny and deceit?

These GOP elephants will not soon forget.

Mark Ellis is the author of A Death on the Horizon, a finalist in the 14th annual National Indie Excellence Awards in the category of General Fiction. Follow Mark on Twitter.

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