Communist Dictator in Venezuela Cheers Comrade Sleepy Joe for Stunning Election “Victory”

Earlier today the fake news media including FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, and the alphabet channels announced that Joe Biden — after his truly miraculous comeback — won the 2020 election.

Biden was behind on Election night but he somehow was able to pick up MILLIONS of new votes to swing several states where Donald Trump had amassed an insurmountable lead.

Hah! Faux FOX, AP, CNN, Alphabet Media Call Race for Biden after President Trump Goes Golfing in Coordinated Propaganda Assault

Sleepy Joe pulled it off.

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The fake news declared Joe Biden winner after he squeaked out a “win” in Pennsylvania where he was able to manufacture OVER ONE MILLION votes to take a 15,000 point lead.
It was a miraculous finish!

On Saturday Sleepy Joe’s comrade communist tyrant Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela cheered the news that Biden had stolen the election.

Joe Biden has already thrown democratically elected Venezuelan leader Juan Guaido under the bus.

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