BREAKING: 11,791 Ballots Released by 3 Arizona Counties

Arizona released its latest ballot drop Friday afternoon and it is great news for President Trump.

Arizona was called early for Joe Biden by multiple networks and news outlets, including Fox News. However, it is now looking like President Trump will win the state if this trend continues.

It is estimated that President Trump needs approximately 56%-58% of the remaining votes in Arizona to win the state.

President Trump took 66.1% of the latest ballot drop out of Arizona.

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Biden only leads Trump in Arizona by 39,769 votes!

The following (conservative) counties released vote counts:

Pinal – 6,689
Mohave – 3,997
Navajo – 1,105

Biden: 3,736 (31.9%)
Trump: 7,746 (66.3%)

While the latest ballot drop did come from conservative counties, President Trump did exceptionally well in blue Pima County.

The liberal stronghold of Pima County, Arizona, published the results of 28,344 more ballots just after 8 p.m. Thursday night — and President Trump took them by a 5.1% margin.

The liberal media has been teasing a huge win in Pima County as a large part of their projection of Joe Biden taking the state.

Of the 28,344 ballots — 13,045 (46%) were for Biden and 14,484 (51.1%) were for President Donald Trump.

Maricopa County, Arizona, released 73,976 more ballots shortly after 9 p.m. Thursday night and 56.1 percent of them were for President Trump!

This number is right on track for what President Trump needs to prevail in Arizona.

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