President Trump Highlights Hilarious Joe Biden Gaffes One Last Time In Final Rally of 2020 Campaign

Joe Biden is a mess and President Trump knows it and he showed one more time.

Towards the end of his speech last night in Michigan the President showed a video of hilarious Joe Biden gaffes:

The President then shared half jokingly:

TRENDING: Don Jr. Rallies in Yuma City – Ivanka Rallies in Michigan – Eric Trump Rallies in Florida… So, Where’s Hunter?

Thank you very much. Look you can’t let this happen to our country, ok? We know what’s going on. You can’t let this, this was a total fluke. His was a total fluke. In prime time he didn’t work and now [chuckle] it’s really not working. What a disaster. I can’t believe this is really happening. It puts much more pressure on me running against a guy like this, you know

If you lost to somebody that was good, can you imagine? The concept of losing to this guy. You better get out their and vote tomorrow. I will be so angry I’ll never come back.

Vote and Pray Joe Biden never steps inside the White House ever again.

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