Franklin Graham Leads Prayer for President Trump at Hickory, North Carolina Rally (Video0

President Trump landed in Hickory, North Carolina for his THIRD rally of the day on Sunday!
President Trump started out this morning in blustery Washington, Michigan.
Then the president flew to Dubuque, Iowa for his second rally.

Tonight he is in Hickory and then he has two more stops in Georgia and Florida.

During his event in Hickory President Trump invited Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, up on the stage.

Franklin Graham led the North Carolina crowd in a prayer tonight.
This is something you rarely see at a Democrat rally these days.

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Franklin Graham: Thank you Mr. President. And I would like to take just a second to pray for this man. Will you join me? Our father and our God we pray for our president. Protect him and his family and protect our nation. And we pray this in Jesus name.

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