“Something of a Marvel” – ABC’s Jon Karl in Awe Over President Trump’s Last Minute Campaign Sprint (VIDEO)

President Trump is unstoppable with just 2 days until Election Day.

The President is zig-zagging across the country Sunday, holding five rallies in five different states.

Trump’s last rally Sunday night will be held in Miami and it’s scheduled to begin at 11:30 PM EST.

The President is a little behind schedule today so he will likely start his last rally around midnight!

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The President is holding five rallies in four different states on Monday and he may hold one on Election Day!

ABC’s Jon Karl marveled at President Trump’s last minute campaign sprint.

“The president is in an all-out sprint,” Jon Karl said. “For a guy who was literally in the hospital with COVID-19 on oxygen, this is really something of a marvel.”

“He pulled off a massive upset victory four years ago. He is doing everything that he can physically do to do it again,” he added.


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