Massive Crowd for Trump Rally In Pennsylvania Floors Dems

The Secret Service said that more than 57,000 people showed up for a rally for Trump at the Pittsburgh-Butler airport. The local newspaper estimated the number at 10,000. It hardly matters. There were a lot of people there, as the Democratic Lt. Governor John Fetterman tweeted out.

Other Democrats apparently accused Fetterman of having swallowed MAGA propaganda.

Daily Caller:

“She is with Politico,” Fetterman tweeted, referring to Orr. “This is not MAGA propaganda. Can’t fake a crowd like that. But you *can* make sure you show up and get every vote in. Every Vote Matters. Get Them In. That’s not photoshop. That’s a @Reuters image of Butler. The Battle for Pennsylvania, and maybe the Presidency will be won or lost by you.”

Some crowd pics were even more impressive.

Do you like movies?

Side-by-side comparison: Crowd at Trump Pennsylvania rally and people who showed up to listen to former President Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

“We are going to win the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and we’re going to win four more years,” Trump said. “They’re back there. You can’t even see the end of people. There’s a lot of people here.”

Just wow.

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