Antifa Goons Confront TRUMP MAGA Rally in Beverly Hills

Last week THOUSANDS of Trump supporters marched with Trump, US and MAGA flags in Beverly Hills, California.
It was an amazing, exciting and PEACEFUL event!

Not this week.
On Saturday several hundred Trump supporters AGAIN held a rally in Beverly Hills.

But several VIOLENT Black Lives Matter-Antifa goons met them in the street.

And they the BLM mob did what they do — They attacked the Trump supporters and beat heads.

TRENDING: HISTORIC PRESIDENT! The Number of Democrats at President Trump’s Last Several Rallies Ought to Scare the Hell Out of the American Left!

The Trump supporters were chanting, “We Love Trump!”

Then all hell broke loose.

One man was surrounded by the leftist mob.
When he tried to fight back they beat him with sticks.

Our friend Ari David was at the event and took this video.


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