“Four More Years!” – Trump Supporters Line Up to Greet Jill Biden in Wisconsin (VIDEO)

Jill Biden traveled to Wisconsin on Monday while her feeble husband hid in the basement.

Joe Biden started off Monday morning by calling a lid.

It was Joe Biden’s eleventh lid day this month.

Jill Biden hit the campaign trail in the battleground state of Wisconsin.

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About two dozen Biden supporters greeted her at the event.

One local resident who lives a block down the street said he didn’t even know Jill was there.

She was also greeted by a sea of Trump-Pence signs and a line of Trump supporters chanting, “Four more years!”


Donald Trump won Wisconsin in 2016 by a razor thin margin against Crooked Hillary.

President Trump has spent a lot of time in Wisconsin and he just announced he will be holding two more massive rallies in the Badger State this Saturday — one in La Crosse and one in Green Bay!

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