The de Blasio-Carranza ‘diversity’ drive isn’t just wrong, it looks corrupt, too

From Micah Morrison’s op-ed for the New York Post:

“Never waste a good crisis to transform a system,” Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza said at the height of the pandemic. As a member of the Queens District 28 Community Education Council, I’ve seen that transformation effort up close. As an investigative reporter, I discovered some big money behind it.

Carranza, progressive activists and operatives linked to City Hall are seeking to ram through a radical agenda before the mayor leaves office.

“We see [the crisis] as an opportunity to finally push and move and be very strategic in a very aggressive way what we know is the equity agenda for our kids,” Carranza said in an April 16 address.

District 28 is the epicenter of that effort. In December, the district CEC hosted the first meeting in the Department of Education’s “Diversity-Planning Process.” Kids, it appeared, would be moved to different schools to achieve racial balance.

The meeting was heated. Would there be busing? How would moving children fix the school-funding problems afflicting the southern part of the district in Jamaica? How would it impact schools in wealthier Forest Hills? What about the gifted-and-talented programs?

The DOE said the planning process would be led by WXY Studio, a “neutral facilitator” that would create a community “working group” to engage District 28 parents and come up with an acceptable plan.

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