Why The USCCA Makes Sense For Responsible Gun Owners

As a gun owner, you’re vulnerable to criminal charges and financial ruin from a justice system biased against responsible gun owners.

Even if you do everything right, you can be arrested and charged for defending yourself and your loved ones.

If that happened, how would you post a bond to get out of jail?

How would you find a pro-Second Amendment lawyer?

How would you pay for lawyers’ fees?

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Watch this video to see how one man answered those questions and set his mind at ease:

From the video:

“A while back my good friend Robby Wheaton was actually an expert at a trial where a guy had actually had to use his firearm in self-defense. He was being charged with murder because some relatives were actually there giving false witness. He was proven innocent and you would think that’s great.

But what was really crazy is he had a really large piece of land where it happened and his home and he lost everything.

So even if you’re justified there can be civil or just legal fees that just swallow things up. Really after that is when I decided I really needed to join some kind of an association and after doing a lot of research I chose the USCCA.

To get peace of mind, USCCA memberships start at just $22 per month (ordering through this link and the links below helps support and benefits Gateway Pundit).

With your membership, you get:

– 24/7/365 Critical Response Team On Call

– Your Choice of Criminal Defense Attorney

– Up-Front Funding for Criminal Defense & Bail Bonds

– Protection for Use of All Legal Weapons

In addition to legal protection, joining the USCCA provides you:

– A subscription to Concealed Carry Magazine

– CCW Reciprocity Map With Permit Expiration Reminders

– Member-Only USCCA App Features

– Weekly updates on news, changing laws and gear reviews

– 10 Lifesaving Checklists

– And much more…

Click here to learn more about joining the USCCA…

Here’s a note from Tim Schmidt, President of the USCCA:

Don’t leave your life, your family and your financial future to chance. Take one minute to read what I have to say and uncover the secret to protecting your family with complete confidence…

I need to ask you a really important question:

Do you have $50,000 or more in the bank, right now, to cover the massive legal fees you’ll have to pay up front after a self-defense incident?

I know I sure don’t….

Now let me ask you one more question:

Are you willing to give up your life, career and everything you’ve worked hard for to prove your innocence?

It may sound far-fetched, but every day thousands of good, law-abiding Americans find themselves in this exact situation…

That’s why if you’re serious about protecting everything you care about, you need to have a plan.

A plan that keeps you out of jail.

A plan that gets you back to your family.

A plan that lets you protect everything you care about with confidence.

Even if you just have a gun in your home, you need to have someone who knows exactly what they’re doing on your side…

That’s why over 325,000 responsibly armed Americans already trust the USCCA to be there for them the INSTANT they need it…

Join now by activating the powerful education, training and legal protection of your USCCA Membership and you’ll get a special bonus: complete peace of mind.

Don’t leave your life, family and financial future to chance…

Learn more about USCCA Membership today and how it can protect you and your loved ones from legal and financial ruin.

Let the USCCA be the deep pockets you need the moment you need someone you can trust to have your back…

 Take care and stay safe,

 Tim Schmidt, President | USCCA

The USCCA provides three tiers of membership for every comfort level and budget:

 – Gold Membership $22/mo

 – Platinum Membership $30/mo

 – Elite Membership $47/mo

If you’re ready to join a community of pro-2A responsibly armed Americans, click here.

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