Boom! Trump Video on Biden-Harris Ticket Gets Three Million Views in Just Over One Hour of Posting

A video released by the Trump campaign and tweeted out by President Trump on the newly announced Biden-Harris ticket received three million views in just over an hour of it being released Tuesday afternoon.

A statement accompanying the video reads, “Meet Phony Kamala Harris – With Harris as Joe Biden’s ‘political living will,’ he is surrendering control of our nation to the radical mob with promises to raise taxes, cut police funding, kill energy jobs and open our borders.”

The video ties Biden and Harris to the radical Left taking over the Democratic Party led by socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) and Rep. Ilhan Omar (MN).

The video was posted at 4:37 p.m. EDT by the Trump War Room account and tweeted minutes later by President Trump.

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As of publication of this article the video had 3 million views with about 100,000 more every few minutes.

Transcript of the Trump ad:

“Kamala Harris ran for president by rushing to the radical left: Embracing Bernie’s plan for socialized medicine, calling for trillions in new taxes, attacking Joe Biden for racist policies.

“Voters rejected Harris. They smartly spotted a phony. But not Joe Biden. He’s not that smart.

“Biden calls himself a transition candidate. He is handing over the reins to Kamala while they jointly embrace the radical left.

“Slow Joe and Phony Kamala. Perfect together, wrong for America.”

Transcribed by TGP.

Screen images from the Trump campaign video.

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