One of Siri’s Definitions for “Demon” is “Police Officer”

This is just stunning.
The tech giants are up to their old tricks.

Observant users found that if you type in “What is a demon?” on your phone or ask Siri “What is a demon?” one of the definitions is a police officer.

This comes just one day after Big Tech told Congress they are not messing with their platforms to censor conservatives.
You just can’t believe them.

Via Law Enforcement Today:

TRENDING: TGP at Tech Hearing: Rep. Greg Steube Grills Google CEO on Why Google Is Hiding Gateway Pundit — Steube Demands Evidence Within 2 Weeks! (VIDEO)

As if things are not bad enough for police officers, with it becoming more common then not that they are considered the enemy, they are now considered demons by Siri, Google and

If you have an apple device, you have undoubtedly used the ever useful Siri, to answer your various questions without having to open your browser and type anything in.

Have you every tried asking Siri the definition of a demon?

Simply say:

“Hey Siri, what is the definition of a demon?”

To our shock and disgust, Siri’s third answer is:

“Noun: A police officer”

Sure enough.
If you write in Google Chrome or Safari on your phone, “What is a demon?”

This is what you get.
This is from my phone 5 minutes ago.

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