President Trump Interview with Bartstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy

President Trump was interviewed at the White House Thursday by Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy. The interview was released on Friday and is being talked about as one of the best ones with Trump. Portnoy, who said he had never interviewed someone before, had a casual, flattering, respectful manner that helped Trump lower his guard and speak in a relaxed manner. Portnoy also let Trump talk without interrupting or arguing, though he did express disagreement at times, most notably with regard to the Black Lives Matter kneeling protests by athletes. Portnoy also gave Trump rare credit for his keen ability to suss people out.

Rather than write a summary, which many have already, we’ll let the interview be a pleasant surprise for those who haven’t seen it–or a refreshing second look for those who have:

As would be expected, the mainstream media is not happy.

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The Washington Post’s David Nakamura, “In his interview with Trump, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy shook Potus’s hand, didn’t wear a mask, jokingly said he doesn’t like Fauci because his public pronouncements tank the stock market, got shoulder-to-shoulder with Potus to Facetime his dad and tried to shake again.”

Dan Wolken, USA Today, “My timeline is currently filled with analysis of a Dave Portnoy interview with Donald Trump. I’ve never had a greater urge to just delete this app.”

The Daily Beast, “…The interview included such hard-hitting questions as: “Do you love doing Twitter?”

A sample of the many positive reviews, “Dave Portnoy’s interview with President Trump was one of the most interesting of his Presidency. Portnoy wasn’t playing gotcha and got Trump to be more natural and likable than I’ve seen him in a long time. Would love to see Joe Rogan interview Trump, too.”

“The Dave Portnoy interview of President Trump is a stroke of genius by the White House. It shows the human side of Trump that made him a beloved, global icon before he ran for president. He’s still that same guy.”

Portnoy replied to Post reporter Nakamuras criticism in style, “Is this because I didn’t respond to Washpo request for interview? Also was tested for covid before entering White House. Also just following Fauci’s lead on how to wear a mask. Also Boom Roasted.”

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