‘F*ck Donald Trump!’ – Protests Erupt Outside Chicago Mayor Lightfoot’s Home (VIDEOS)

Hundreds of Black Lives Matter militants showed up to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Logan Square home Thursday night.

Mayor Lightfoot didn’t push back hard enough against the feds rolling into Chicago to quell the violence so the BLM supporters are angry.

BLM doesn’t care about all the black people being killed in Chicago by other blacks. It doesn’t fit their narrative.

So now they’re protesting.

TRENDING: UPDATE: Navy Is Investigating Uniformed Sailor Sarah Dudrey for Busting into Pro-Trump Rally, Harassing Protesters while Screaming “F**k Trump!”

BLM supporters blasted rap music and chanted “F*ck Donald Trump!”

WATCH (language warning):

BLM twerked in front of Lori Lightfoot’s home. Notice not all of them are wearing masks.

These are the people who are trying to tell us what to do and how to run the country.


More twerking and profanity:

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