Portland Mayor Gassed By Feds As Large Fires Burn At Courthouse; STILL BLAMES TRUMP

Vichy Portland mayor Ted Wheeler decided to attend the protests on Wednesday evening. After getting yelled at for the better part of an hour by crazed leftists, he walked over to the big fence that lines the federal courthouse, to join the protesters there.

As usual, the rioters broke through the fence, set several fires, and launched fireworks at building.

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Wheeler was personally watching the fires:

Then the feds started launching chemical agents of some kind:

Wheeler was still getting debris lobbed at him from the communists. Yet he still has the gall to defend the rioters and blame Trump. He claims he saw nothing that warranted that type of response from the feds:

Either Wheeler is blind or he has selective amnesia. Does he not see the fires burning? Did he not see the people climbing over the fence to storm the building? Has he not seen the countless examples of rioters trying to barricade the doors to the building shut and light it on fire?

In this video, Wheeler claims he did not hear any orders from the feds:

Yet you can clearly hear directions given in another video:

Further corroborated here:

Should Ted Wheeler and other elected leaders in Portland be held responsible for the mayhem caused by the violent leftists?

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