Grifter Comey Hawks New Book, “Saving Justice – Truth, Transparency and Trust”

James Comey

Fired FBI Director and grifter, James Comey is hawking a new book titled, “Saving Justice — Truth, Transparency and Trust”

“In this follow-up to A Higher Loyalty, James Comey uses his long career in federal law enforcement to illuminate the core values of the Department of Justice and the path to restoring them.” the description states.

Comey’s new book is scheduled to be released January 12, 2021.

“New book coming. I hope it will be useful as our country works — starting in 2021 — to restore faith in Justice.” Comey said in a tweet.

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President Trump fired James Comey as FBI Director in May of 2017 for mishandling the probe into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Comey admitted under oath that he gave portions of classified memos he took of his conversations with President Trump to a friend to leak to the New York Times in order to prompt a special counsel investigation.

Comey should be sitting in a prison cell, not selling books.

Twitter users responded.

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