FBI Director Christopher Wray Promoted Head of FISA Group Jennifer Boone Who Approved Steele Dossier

Christopher is no good guy – evidence today totally confirms it.

FBI Director Christopher Wray has done nothing to address the massive corruption in the FBI.  After Directors Mueller and Comey, the reputation of the FBI is in shambles.  Many former leaders of the FBI have been fired or terminated but this is not enough.  These dirty cops who have committed crimes should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  Those held in higher positions in justice who abuse their positions should be indicted with more severe sentences.  Christopher Wray is one who deservers the most severe sentencing. 

Wray came into the FBI while the Mueller investigation was taking off.  Numerous FBI agents and lawyers were involved with the fraudulent investigation based on no crimes which was known by those involved at the time.  To date no one has been indicted for this coup attempt of the President of the United States.  This cannot stand.

Today Techno Fog on Twitter uncovered another action by the FBI Deep State which involves corrupt Director Wray.  It starts with Wray’s promotion of Jennifer Boone, the FBI official who oversaw the FISA abuse scandal.  Wray promoted her:

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Now we know that Boone oversaw the team who determined the validity of the sources which backed the Steele dossier.  Boone was made aware of abnormalities and yet she deferred doing anything:

The Steele dossier was garbage and the Intel community and the FBI knew it.  Wray knows it.  He knew it for a long time.  He has done all he can to prevent the truth from being released to the American public.  The more we know the more we know Wray should be behind bars.

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