Two Million Views for President Trump ‘Tele-Rallies’ With Supporters in Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona

President Trump held ‘tele-rallies’ with supporters in Wisconsin on Friday followed by ones with Michigan and Arizona on Saturday. The calls were streamed in Facebook and received a total of over two million views. The tele-rallies are being held in lieu of traditional rallies for the time being because of the pandemic. The Trump campaign has not ruled out resuming in-person rallies but has not yet rescheduled a cancelled New Hampshire rally last Saturday that was postponed over weather concerns.

The calls last between 20 and 25 minutes. Trump speaks on issues germane to each state as well national issues.

As of Saturday night Friday’s Wisconsin tele-rally 977,000 views on Facebook. The Saturday tele-rallies for Michigan and Arizona had 541,000 views and 585,000 views, respectively.

Listen to the tele-rallies:

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