Palestinian Terrorist Lawyer wants Damages for Attempted Killer

As Jihad Watch reported, the Armenian Christian refugee Kevork Almassian was attacked on the street in Berlin on July 6, by what he called „two Islamists with a knife.“ Almassian had to run for his life and was chased by one of the terrorists for about 10 minutes until the assailant gave up.

Almassian works for the conservative AfD party in the German Bundestag. Ever since his identity was doxxed last year by public broadcaster ARD, Lars Wienand of T-Online News and Palestinian lawyer Nahla Osman, he has received death threats. Now it seems someone has acted on those threats.

Almassian describes the attacker as a Syrian Arab who “obviously had experience in such situations, a criminal, terrorist or combat veteran”, because just after the physical exertion of the attack, he saw the man very calmly heading for the subway along with his accomplice and what he took to be his translator. (Apparently the attacker had been on his way to collect German welfare or file paperwork or the like when he spotted Almassian on the street, Almassian believes.)

Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch and various alternative news portals reported on the attack and published a photo of the assailant, which was taken by a local surveillance camera, seeking info on the man’s identity. Now these alternative news sites have begun receiving cease-and-desist letters threatening lawsuits and demanding damages from the attacker’s lawyer, Palestinian activist Nadija Samour.

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At least the knife attacker’s identity is beginning to emerge: Samour refers to her client as Mohamad al A.

In her bullying letter, Nadija Samour claims her client “did not attack Mr. Almassian, whose life was never in danger.”  Almassian says he has witnesses who can testify otherwise, and is pressing legal charges for attempted assault with intent to kill.

Samour also claims Mohamad al A. did not wield a knife and was alone. Kevork Almassian says “There definitely were two of them, but only one of them attacked me. He took a black bladed object out of the bag on his chest and chased me on foot for about 10 minutes.“

Attorney Nadija Samour also claims her client is “not an Islamist“. Samour herself is the attorney for Khaled Barakat, a leading member of the Palestinian PFLP terrorist organization, who was expelled from Germany last year as a “security risk”, and who supports BDS and the destruction of Israel “from the River to the Sea”. On April 30, 2020, Samour held a webinar for “Samidoun” NGO, which represents “Palestinian prisoners” (i.e. murderers and terrorists), in which she complained about Barakat’s expulsion and about “attempts to criminalize the international boycott movement”.

Samour has her office in the “House of Democracy and Humans Rights” in Berlin, a hotbed of government-supported leftist NGOs. She serves on the board of the “Berlin Migration Council”, which was funded by the city of Berlin with at least €80,000 in the years 2018 and 2019, and another €60,000 for a Refugee Counseling Center.

The city of Berlin officially rejects the BDS movement, and passed an anti-semitism resolution on May 23, 2018, declaring it would not fund or provide facilities to organizations or individuals who support BDS and delegitimize the state of Israel.

It was not clear how Nadija Samour could still be a member of city-funded institutions or receive city funding while supporting BDS and the destruction of Israel.



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