How can essay writing help in the development of a student’s intellect?

Most of the schools and colleges offer essays to be written on different topics and subjects for which they are graded. Such essays can be a part of their assignments or even exams. But there are mostly students who do not love the task of writing essays. They seem this to be boring, time consuming, and pretty tough.

But actually writing essays is a part of the academic circle because it not just helps the students in fetching marks but also helps in the intellectual development of the students. Here are some of the ways how writing essays actually can help the students in the long run.

The Habit of Reading

The reading of reading is something that is not developed in every individual. There are many people who love to dive into a pool of books while there are some others who always wish to stay aloof from reading books. One of the major reasons why essay writing is included in the curriculum is to develop such habits of reading. In order to write a good essay, the students have to go through a number of topics and have to get indulged in research work.

If the students do this task seriously, they get habit injected in them and they indulge themselves in reading in the future also. This can be reading of anything such as newspapers for knowing the current happenings, reading market trends to create a presentation, and others.

Making Notes

Effective essay writing is done through a step-by-step process. In this process, research, reading, and note-making are some of the crucial parts. Just reading through the information is not going to always help. You might have read something interesting and informative but when you start writing the essay, there are high chances that you may forget some of the important points of the information. Hence, it is important that while you are going through some information, you should also have the practice of making notes over it.

This practice gets helpful for you in the future such making notes from information can help you in creating a presentation or a speech that is highly informative and backed up with statistics and facts.

Critical Analysis

While researching for a topic, you might come across a number of information and details that you think can be incorporated in the essay. But is it possible to include them all in the essay? There are always some set word limits provided for the essay writing. This is important because it helps you in learning critical analysis. You need to fit all the important points and information in the diameter of that particular word count.

Also, you need to make the essay look creative without making it seem just a junk of information. For this, you need to think and analyze critically about the points that you need to take and the points that you can skip. Also, you need analyze about how to provide a strong start to the essay and how to bring a flow in the overall body.

Students who grow up to be a part of a media firm and write stories for magazines, newspapers, and even movies utilize this skill of critical thinking and analyzing to a great extent.

Organizing Ideas

Essay writing is not just writing out what is on your mind and stuffing it with the information that you have got. It is more about arranging the researched date in an organized way so that it looks soothing and interesting to the readers.

Today, the work load on students has also increased and there are many times when creating such amazing essays can be a difficult task. For such times, they can always buy custom essay from the experts and gain high marks in the assignment or exam. But practicing the essays on their own can help them in the most crucial task of life that is organizing ideas and things in a perfect way.

Arguing a case

Students who grow up to become a lawyer or a debater will always thank the essay writing skills that they have developed in schools and colleges. Different types of essays such as expository essays or persuasive essays are written not just with different facts and figures but also with a tone that can be convincing or at times arguing. Arguing is not fighting or quarreling. It is defending something with proper statistics and information. Often essay writing helps in making the students understand the clear line between arguing and quarreling.

How do you think effective communication looks like? It is mainly something that is planned, informative and well-designed. Essay writing is a perfect example for having all these qualities. So, it is quite evident that essay writing is a perfect way to help the students learn the skills of effective communication in an overall view.

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