Commie Bill De Blasio Brags About Fewer People in NYC Jails

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio bragged this morning about having fewer people in New York City jails than any time since World War II.

De Blasio then added, “And we are safer for it and better for it.”

TRENDING: California to Release 18,000 Prisoners by End of August to ‘Slow the Spread of COVID-19’

New York City released 1,500 inmates in April due to coronavirus.

Shootings were up 205% in June in New York City compared to a year earlier.
Burglaries were up 75% in the next month.
In June in New York City murders doubled the numbers from the previous year.

De Blasio is either ignorant or a complete liar or both!

The New York City mayor got shredded on Twitter:

Tony Shaffer:

Former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik:

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